Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hey there! Welcome to the new design. I was seriously sick of looking at the old one,
weren't you? Don't worry, I won't be sad if you say yes.
Sometimes it is just, well, time. You know?

And with Dalia's recent haircut (yes, first haircut happened yesteryday) I am seriously remembering her in her earliest days (hence the nostalgic photo above, which I totally love for her quirky look--even then her personality shined through).

Here are some other (read: MANY) delicious baby photos (beware: unbelievably tired, super annoying mommy posting a zillion photos... yes I realize no one wants a full review of her life thus far, especially out of order, but humor me and look at them) and a few goin' on 4 years old wedding photos, just cuz':

mohawk gerber baby
a long time fav
bliss for both parties
fun times with Eilee
an obvious choice
could these pigglywigglies (dalia's new phrase for feet) be any sweeter?
first sushi
Happy Birthday, Dalia Liat
she's intellectual, and super stylish with her amber
first shabbat
3 days post partum, looking decent, i'd say
Chunky monkey
She's polish, a polish Jew, and for the record, she LOVES pierogi
quite possibly my favorite baby shirt. ever.
and look at those jellies!

still her favorite place to cuddle
look how small!
eating snow for the first time
she loves a ball
when she used to wear hair accessories
the dress looks like a picnic table, but c'mon
you know it's still cute

when she was our Del Ray duck
first vacay to florida-flew at 10 weeks
don't copy this or you will get in trouble cuz' it is copyrighted
hire this dc area photographer
i think this was her first daddy smile
that's our girl... what a smile, deux par deux and an old shoe
standing with aba
(aka daddy, breadwinner, lawyer, smarty pants...)
finally, seasonally appropriate
wishing those misha lulu pants still fit, thanks Juanita and Sandy!
another oldie but goodie
look at the light shine in on her
and ALL TIME favorite... she was in LOVE with the animals
she inherited silly face syndrome from mommy
the days of the bjorn were short lived
(don't remember? new? click on the link above)
um, not ready to sit, obviously
weird face syndrome #2
deliciously chunky #2
and there were oh so many pumpkins
for the record, i don't love the side position, do you?
it started with one blabla and ended with wink and
boogaloos and a backpack, an addiction?
this one makes me happy (it's cute) and sad (ugh, DC)
spit happens
random wedding photos:

Have you recovered from the chaos?

Fast forward to today... my toolbar says that Dalia has been nursing for 1 year 1 month 2 weeks and 2 days. Woohoo!

Anyhoo, enjoy the new look and stay tuned for hair cut photos. Dalia's hair is no longer a wild untamed beast. We have taken control of her hair. Oh, and hair is one of her new favorite words/things. We say hair and she touches her hair (and the same with nose, mouth, eyes, and, well, pretty much most things these days).



  1. Wow - that was awesome. Since I just started following your blog recently, it was nice to see younger pictures of Dalia - so cute & I love all her expressions and poses ;)
    Memory lane is great isn't it. I have taken more pictures than I care to admit of Julianna and seometimes, I will sit here and just look thru every single one of them on my laptop - from day one to current. It's fun!
    Great post-

  2. Great Blog and great pic's (even if I may be a bit biased).


  3. Nice job & cute progression of photos!! Safta