Saturday, January 1, 2011


We used an amazing photographer for Dalia's 1 year photos. And, how lucky are we that Dalia is in a contest! Please pretty pretty pretty please vote for her each day this week-it is totally simple! Just leave a quick comment each day. Start tonight because today counts!!

Here is the link:

Organic Bloom is amazing so check them out, too!

And, vote away!!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cheap Doesn't Always Mean Cheap!

I am thrilled to share a recent find with you guys:

This may not look like a gem to you, but to me, it is absolutely gorgeous! It is a victorian-inspired love seat with queen anne details (the photo does not do justice to the feminine, cabriole legs). And I can't WAIT to pick it up from the good old Goodwill tomorrow. Seriously, the desk next to this love seat was equally gorgeous (ah to have both)... splash on a coat of turquoise or lime green paint and trim it out in white with brushed steel handles... gorgeous, stylish, and recycled).

I was not even searching for furniture. I was actually donating an entire car's worth of nice items as we are really paring down lately (less is so so so more). I saw it and listened as two other women eagerly discussed price with the employee. It was out on the floor for the first time today and had already been placed on hold twice. The lowest the manager would go is $50. Who wouldn't take it for $50? I felt bad (sort of) but I did bring out the cash first and money talks. So, I won!

Think you can't bargain at places like Goodwill? You totally can and should.

So I am already eyeing some fabrics:

This would be lovely in a nursery
This would be awesome in a quest room with a crisp ecru-colored duvet
This would be good for an entryway
This would be a good living room fabric

And while these fabrics are, for the most part, not traditional, they will add a nice modern touch to a piece that is a replica from the 19th century. Even in a modern condo loft (if we go that route) this piece will find a home.

Don't be shy about DIY projects! This one won't really take off until the summer, but until then, it will be in my bedroom with a slipcover.