Monday, October 18, 2010


And I thought labor was hard!

Teething is really a crazy thing. One moment our child is blissfully happy, smashing B's Wacky Balls with the yellow, squeaking hammer (their website is really cute, check it out). The next moment our little munchkin has tears rolling down her face. So long as mommy and daddy are holding her (for the most part) she is fine. The moment darkness rolls around and that little b-word (bedtime) starts emerging from our lips, she is a totally different child. Unhappy, to say the least!

So Dalia has four teeth so far. Right now she is getting four more--all at the same time. Imagine that! And while these nights are difficult, I really cherish the time she needs us in the middle of the night. Soon this stage will pass and she will be telling us to go away. We relish it while we can :)

Dalia is also very interested in walking. She always wants us to hold her hands so she can practice. She doesn't like sitting down and she really doesn't like diaper changes. I can barely get the diaper around her little white round tushy before she is off! Sometimes I don't get that far and her little tushy goes racing down the hallway. Well there goes those last few pounds holding me back from my favorite pair of pants. Maybe they will see the light of day in 2010 after all.