Friday, October 8, 2010

Crafty Stuff

So many of you know I am a serious crafter. I like knitting, scrap booking, cooking, sewing, and anything artsy. Some of my favorite websites (Hyena Cart and Etsy) sell hand made, eclectic, and artsy things. I love supporting small business and individuals so if you do, too, please visit the sites!

I am currently working on a project of my own: mod-inspired barrette holders for girls. These are hand crafted items where parents can store hair accessories for their little munchkies.

This is my first attempt so it is not good, but take a look:

All of the edges are hand sewn.

See this one showing the barretts:

AND... the whole thing:
I know it isn't the most beautiful thing in the world, but I am just getting started with these.

I will be posting updates as I make more. I am going to do some vintage inspired ones using organic prints and combine both styles using a variety of textures. Stay tuned! And moms of little girls, you will be getting one on the house!