Friday, June 4, 2010

Play Space

So we have a small place and there is no place for Dalia to have her own play room, but we are so fortunate to be able to provide her with an adorable play space (move over, kitchen table!):

She loved her surprise! She knew it was hers--something in the way she looked at the colors and toys told us that she was blissfully happy. That content smile and little giggle was all we needed.

We could have spent a ton of money on this (I know people who spent over $200.00 on the floor tiles alone), but that was not in our budget, especially considering we are doubling the rent we pay in about two months. We decided to get some nice interlocking foam tiles from Buy Buy Baby and a few new age-appropriate toys that Dalia "tried out" on some of our play dates.

Fortunately, we aren't into excess and we don't like the toys-piled-in-the-toy-box approach. We would rather research and select a few toys that make sense for Dalia. Our goal is to show her through example that less is more and that is OK! This is not to say she won't have plenty of fun toys (believe me, she is already a bit spoiled by her Grandma, Grammi, Papa, Saba, Safta, Aunties, and Uncles), but we want her to know and appreciate what she has.

Daddy and Dalia enjoyed playing together:

We are so happy that she is able to have a space of her own.

That Precious Gummy Smile

Look at me!

I am six months old!

AND I love to smile for all of my fans ;)

But despite my crankiness (you wouldn't guess from this photo that I am miss cranky pants), I have ZERO teeth!

You might think that waking up several times in the middle of the night is quite inconvenient, and it is, but one good thing about Dalia never really having slept through the night is that we really don't know what we are missing. Our last full night of uninterrupted, blissful sleep is so far behind us that I don't think we could even imagine it if we wanted to!


We are in FULL ON TEETHING MODE, and quite frankly, it is a test of patience! Dalia requires constant love, affection, and attention. It is exhausting! But you know what? We can see that little white bud just waiting to emerge from the mountain of swollen gum tissue.

Steve and I are in betting mode: Sarah=6 days until we meet the tooth Steve=2 weeks

Who will win the prize? What do you think?

Monday, May 31, 2010


I am officially overdue.

For a blog post, that is. And I promise I will fill you all in on our family's week just as soon as I get some "free" time :)