Friday, October 29, 2010

Natural Healing

With the recent recall of my favorite teething tablets, it truly is the case that nothing (not even the natural stuff) is always 100% safe. Of course the moment the recall happened, thousands and thousands of parents went on-line and to brick and mortars to buy up each and every single container of these miracle pills (natural parenting people, go figure). In fact, many natural parenting parents view the recall as nothing more than the FDA trying to come down on natural remedies for the sake of big pharmas. The "problem" with the pills, according to some, is the inconsistent amounts of belladonna--many docs believe this is nothing to be concerned about.

Side note: Eating 6 bottles may cause a problem. Imagine 1 bottle of Tylenol.

Still I have to admit that I have used them less, if only because Dalia seems less upset by her teething pains. Oh, and because of my recent purchase!

After reading, researching, talking, debating, and doing some general thinking about other teething/discomfort remedies, we decided to purchase a baltic amber teething necklace for Dalia. The jeweler, Inspired by Finn, is an entrepreneur who showcases her products at HyenaCart, one of my favorite on-line shopping destinations.

Read up on amber as a natural healing remedy:

Side note number 2: the above is a quick google search and not my serious research!

Does it work? Who knows.

I will have to let you know, though it may be the placebos talking :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dalia eats beans

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