Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Sleep

Well, it looks that way, my friends. Dalia has been awake since noon and it is really showing. She is a screaming, crying, thrashing little girl who is not happy about her lack of sleep.

Mommy and Daddy have to really stick together tonight to get through this one.

Banning Doulas

This post on a blog I frequent, Dou-la-la, is totally upsetting.

I would probably drive across state lines or have a home birth if the practices near me put up a sign like this. Unbelievable! Offices that allow for and assist in natural childbirth care more about the laboring woman, her unborn child, and the connection/bond between the family! They aren't as worried about being sued or getting back to their lattes and ordering an emergency cesarean. Midwives understand that labor takes time and that women's bodies know what to do. There are obvious cases when complications arise (and those should be dealt with on a case by case basis) but any place that has a sign like that up in their office is definitely not for me.